Competitive Exams Essay: Laugh and the World Laugh with You; Cry and You Cry Alone

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That man is a social animal is an oft-repeated phrase. We all know that man lives in groups, he can՚t live alone. Despite being physically weaker than many animals, he could survive and today rules the world just because of his superior brain power and because he lived not alone but a community. The basis of a community was sharing everything belonged to everyone and he used it according to his needs. However, as needs increased man became more concerned about himself. And today such is the irony that man, social animal that he has become thoroughly selfish. He knows how to take but has forgotten the art of giving.

Man lives to enjoy life. The first and fore-most necessity of his life is happiness. He wants to indulge in pleasure and joys. He tries to have it in his own ways even by sharing joys of others. It is very easy to share a smile. After all, he gains something by laughing with others.

He may forget his pains for the moment, his mood is freshened and his heart lightened. And why would man not take something that is being offered to him? In fact, it is desirable too that we make others part of our celebrations. What is a party without friends?

However, the deplorable part is that while man loves to borrow a smile, he is most hesitant to borrow someone՚s pains and worries. No one likes to become a share of other՚s miseries. It is said that sharing lightens troubles. But few would like to help others out. People have no time and little sympathy tor others as long as they have nothing to gain from them. So much so that people even try to take pleasure out of other՚s problems. Have we not seen people laughing at a blind man who has slipped on a banana peel or making fun of man with physical deformities? What does this all indicate-laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. No doubt the real test of friendship and relationship is in adversity. Wise men have rightly remarked, A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Can we forget the story of Lord Krishna & Sudama? Indeed, sharing pains is a Godly act. All religions are based upon the ideas of compassion, charity and love. Our epics tell us the tales of great men and women who gave their everything to help someone in need. Scriptures tell us to be kind to the weak. Gandhiji shared the burdens and deprivations of the oppressed and exploited classes. And he shines like a bright star in the galaxy of leaders.

In the olden days, the community feeling was stronger than it is today. People lived for a community, a village etc. In the times of troubles, the whole village used to sit together and decide. Marriage of a girl, which because of terrible social customs was considered a burden, used to be a community affair. But even then the people who tried to further their selfish ends at other՚s expense were not less. Today, such people appear to be in majority.

In fact, as life has grown materialistic, man has become more money minded. Relationships have taken a back seat. Today, one can even trust one՚s relatives that they would help in adversity. If they come to mourn a crash the real purpose remains sharing deceased՚s property and wealth. However, if he has none, they would think twice before going. However, if there is a celebration, a marriage or a party, they will drop in even uninvited. In fact, today bridegroom՚s party՚s size has become so large and unwieldy that it becomes a headache for the bride՚s family.

If there is anyone one can safely rely on at the time of adversity, it KB the God one՚s own parents. Come what may, parents are always on the side of their children. They may not share their children joys if not called upon to do so but will be the first ones on their sides in trouble. God is of course the last resort. Man might not be trusted but faith in Almighty does give strength to one to face sorrows and smile even in the face of disappointments.

It is a well tested diction that everything bends before success but an unsuccessful man is blamed for everything. He can do no right. No one will sympathize with him. However, if we want world to change for better, we should learn to give our joys to others and share sorrows of others. We should remember that joys multiply and sorrows divide if shared. Even a word or two of comfort can enlighten somebody՚s life.