Ethics Case Studies Right Approach What to Look for – Brainstorming

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What UPSC Looks For?

  • Perspective
  • Holistic approach
  • Brainstorm
  • Course of Action
  • 2 People - 2 Action – 2 Reaction

Officer – Diagnosed of Disease: 2 Perspectives

  • Integrity
  • Work commitment
  • Duty and Devotion
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • I can manage expense
  • Unethical
  • Did my duty
  • Thanks For Kindness

Works at a Chemical Factory Hazardous Waste Sole Bread Earner

  • ‘Business without morality’ is one of the seven deadly sins advocated by Gandhi. Business or work without morality or ethics can destroy a person՚s conscience
  • Start a Campaign – Cause
  • Efforts of Sadguru
  • Company is making profit at count of live of villagers
  • Visit NGT
  • Make villagers aware
  • Report to Media – actions must be taken
  • Compensation to villagers
  • File PIL on behalf of villagers
  • Remind company of CSR

Transgender and Begging

  • Discrimination
  • Means of livelihood
  • Safeguard rights and interests
  • Harassment of commuters
  • Non-inclusiveness or alienation
  • Shame
  • Lack of sex-education in schools
  • Ideological change
  • Fair treatment
  • normalizing conversations
  • Enrichment centers
  • Role in places where they are working at backends – like RJ (only audio is heard)