Right to Information for Competitive Exams Part 1

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Meaning of Right to Information

Right to Information means- Access to Government Information to the People. i.e.. governmental work of citizens and non-governmental organizations, the files and documents related to decisions and their execution should be reasonably independent. In other words, there is openness and transparency in government executive. In 1992, transparency and information from the seven facets of the administration in the document titled Administration and Development, issued by the World Bank was mentioned.

Due to the Necessity of Right to Information

The main focus of the need for the information officer is that it is to increase the knowledge of the people about government procedures and to bring empowerment to the people. It creates the necessary conditions for open governance. that՚s the cornerstone of democracy. The Right to Information increases the public by the government, which is the basis of democratic governance. It enables citizens to get information about events that happen through the government, And by removing the confidentiality of the decision-making process in the government, he makes it a partner in public policy formulation and administration. It helps in improving the quality of overall governance in the public interest. The right to information has changed the quality of the government and open to the public and due to transparent access, must respond to the needs of the people and the encryption has ensured. This reduces the distance between the administration and the public, Promotes public interest in administrative decision-making and reduces corruption. This makes administration more sensitive to public needs. It also reduces the misuse of power by public servants.