Right to information for Competitive Exams Part 13

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Responsible for Providing Information-

  • Responsible for providing information-

  • Public authority

  • Competent authority

“Proper Government”

In relation to any public authority, the proper government means-

  • Organization fully funded by the Central Government or Union Territory established under its ownership control or by funds provided directly or indirectly by them.

  • Organization fully funded by the State Government established or established directly or indirectly by him under his owned control

Public Authority

The Public Authority means to refer to such authority or body or from an autonomous government institution,-

  • Established or constituted by the appropriate government issued notification or order by any other law made by the State Legislature by any other law made by Parliament under or under the Constitution.

“Competent Authority”

The competent authority means-

  • Speaker of Lok Sabha and State Assembly and Chairman of Rajya Sabha or State Legislative Council.

  • In the case of the highest court, Chief Justice of India

  • High Court Chief Justice in the case of a High Court

  • In the case of the constitution or other authority established or constituted by or under the Constitution, the President or the Governor

  • Administrator appointed under Article 239 of the Constitution.