Right to information for Competitive Exams Part 19

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Important Suggestions for Empowering the Right to Information-

  • Information of the RTI Act should be provided to the general public so that its meaningful use can be done extensively. For this, not only efforts at the government level but also various voluntary institutions, mass movement and mass media can play an important role in this regard.

  • Any aspect of the RTI Act should be introduced to the general public from any point of view, otherwise the right to information will surely be suppressed in the method texts.

  • Government departments and institutions should display general procedure and rules regarding obtaining information, etc. in simple language, for information of public information so that no confusion remains.

  • In the government body or enforcement system, only those people whose qualifications, integrity, character value and prestige are well-known in the public.

  • The public needs a great need to be aware of the rights related to their information.

  • In the future, there should be serious efforts to bring the private sector to the periphery of the Right to Information under certain circumstances, Because the private sector also actually goes in public support, so it will not be advisable to allow any act against public interest by giving it the benefit of confidentiality in any situation.

  • Apart from all this, the government should automatically develop a culture of complete honesty, transparency and accountability in its activities so that people do not seem to need to use their right to information.