Right to Information for Competitive Exams Part 2

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Right to Information and Good Governance Issues

  • Right to information is one of its own rights and empowers many other rights even when there are various issues of human rights and human development in good governance.
  • The transparency of good governance is dependent on the right to direct information.
  • Implementation assessment will be much stronger with the right to information and good governance and citizens and society will be more informed about governance and administration, therefore accountability will increase.
  • Comparisons will be increased in relation to the best experience of good governance with the right to information.
  • The right to information will increase the tendency of people to compete in public service for good governance.
  • Increasing state and non-state partnerships will lead to the development of resources and human development.
  • Consent can be strengthened by notification and consent is an integral part of governance
  • These will make better calculations in terms of human development indicators and other indicators, therefore, accountability could increase
  • This helps in curbing corruption.
  • Right to information gives force to governance with which Smart Governance - Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsible and Transparent Governance can be increased
  • Public service prices are developed by the right of the information which is necessary for good governance.

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