Right to information for Competitive Exams Part 20

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Suggestions for Better Implementation of Right to Information-

For the better implementation of the Right to Information Act, the following aspects and suggestions are needed to be kept in mind-

  • The Constitution Review Commission and the Second Administrative Reform Commission recommended that public officials be sworn in for transparency in place of confidentiality.

  • The private sector, which significantly takes action from the state, also applies the Right to Information Act.

  • Under the fundamental rights, provisions for the right to information in Article 19 are made.

  • Increase the propensity for taking instruction from electronic means to increase computer literacy.

  • In accordance with the law of the Right to Information, the code of conduct of civil services should be changed.

  • Increase the participation of non-governmental organizations to bring education and awareness in the context of the right to information.

  • The Second Administrative Reform Commission, in addition to the Public Information Officer, has recommended the recommendation of training other personnel in connection with the right to information.

  • Transparency is an important issue in the context of good governance by the State Government.

  • Regarding the implementation of this in subordinate and affiliated institutions, the concerned Ministry or Department will try.

  • The Second Administrative Reform Commission recommends a special program for the modernization of government records or information maintenance.

  • The Second Administrative Reforms Commission recommended the use of a single window agency and the Office of the Independent Public Records, which could make the provision of transparency enhancement effective.

  • In relation to the recommendation for appointment to the Central and State Committee, the Second Administrative Commission recommended the appointment of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice of the High Court respectively instead of a cabinet minister.

The right to information completely discourages the autocratic experiment of power in any form. This is a serious effort towards supplementing our country's democratic governance with a sense of right, efficient, public-sensitive, transparent and accountable. When the public can demand the right to information as a tool, it can demand accountability from every unit of governance. By ensuring that accountability of the public servants by this law, a kind of effective curb has been imposed on their indolence, inefficiency, partisan behavior, autocracy, indiscipline and the spirit of corruption. The result of this system is that today the ordinary citizen of the country has been able to overcome errors in the government system.