Right to information for Competitive Exams Part 24

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Issues of Implementation-

  • The amendment in the rules will include the payment through postal order.

  • States should make rules in relation to application fees, in line with the central rules.

  • State Governments can issue appropriate stamps of appropriate amount as a method of payment of fees.

  • Post offices can be authorized to receive cash in cash form and send the receipt with the application.

  • Department of Personnel and Training at the level of Government of India, Nodal Agency He must have a complete list of public authorities working in all central ministries / departments.

  • The classification of these public authorities is as follows- Constitutional body, a similar agency, statutory body government sector undertakings, bodies located under executive orders, adequately funded controlled bodies and adequately funded NGOs by the government.

  • The government authority has the details of all the governmental authorities at the next level immediately under him.

  • Setting up of a window agency by establishing a cell in the office of the District Collector / Deputy Commissioner or the District Council.

  • The lowest level office in any organization, which has the power to make decisions or who is the custodian of records, should be recognized as a public authority.

  • Any government notification that has been transferred to a non-governmental body can be disclosed under RTI.

  • Any organization will be deemed to receive adequate funding from the government (if at least 50 percent of its annual operating cost or in the last 3 years or equivalent amount of one crore rupees has been received.)

  • The arrangements for making records of 20 year old records on request should only apply to government records which need to be preserved for such period.

  • To deal with delayed harassment and corruption complaints, the State Independent Public Complaints Solution Authority can be established.

  • If the request is trivial or painful or there is a deviation from the resources of the government body adequately and unnecessarily from proceedings on the request. The Public Information Officer can reject any request for the notice with prior approval of the Appellate Authority within 15 days of receiving the application.

Applying the Law to the Judiciary-

  • The citizens should have access to the records of citizens, therefore the Legislature should prepare the letter papers and digitization of the records.

  • The proceedings to be conducted by the executive branch should be made available online regarding the reports of CAG inquiry commissions and committees of the House.

  • Records should be scientifically stored in the district and subordinate jurisdiction and their administrative procedures should be computerized in a time bound manner.