Right to information for Competitive Exams Part 9

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The Right to Information Includes the Following Rights

  • Inspection of documents and records.

  • Take a certified copy of documents or records.

  • Taking certified samples of the material.

  • Print out of floppy disk, tape, video cassette or any other electronic method

The Right to Information Act Has Been Allowed to Not Disclose the Following Information-

  • The information that reveals India's sovereignty and integrity, security of the state, strategy, scientific or economic interest, have an adverse impact on the relation of foreign relations or encourages any crime.

  • Information which is contempt of the Court of Appeal

  • The information whose disclosure may cause a breach of privilege of Parliament or the Legislature of a State

  • The disclosure of the information, which includes commercial beliefs, business secrecy or intellectual property, can damage a third party's competitive position.

  • Information received in confidence from a foreign government.

  • Information whose appearance is a threat to the life or physical safety of a person.

  • Information that explains disclosure or arrest criminals or interferes with the action of the projector.

  • Cabinet papers in which the views and discussions of the minister's secretary and other officials are included.

  • Apart from this, personalized consolation, which is not related to any public activity or interest.

Request Receipt of Information

Under the Right to Information Act, all citizens will have the right to be informed. By following the measures, a person can request a hearing-

  • In the written form or in electronic form, in English or Hindi or in the official language of the area, in which application is being made, With such fees as may be prescribed by the Central or State Public Information Officer.

Settlement of Requests-

In any case, the receipt of the notice will be made available within thirty days of the payment, but Where the information sought is related to the life or liberty of a person, it will be made available within forty-eight hours of receiving the request. No fee will be charged for persons below the poverty line. Where a public authority fails to comply with the deadline,there the person making the request for the information will be provided information without charge.