The Way Forward, Chindia, Developing Synergy, S and T Exchanges Should be Strengthened

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The Way Forward

  • when it comes to the relationship between these two big Asian giants, a lot of what happens in this relationship will impact the situation in our region and particularly when it comes to the economic strength the rising economic strength of both these countries the world certainly is watching and assessing the impact of this relationship.
  • Media has caused a lot of frenzy in the relations of the two countries
  • Media should keep quiet a bit so that India-China can solve their problems amicably


  • China-India global joint action
  • In a high-level meeting in November 2010, CCP politburo member Zhou Yong Kang outlined some areas for further development of Sino-Indian relations in order to consolidate their strategic cooperative partnership:
    • Promoting political trust by maintaining high-level visits between governments, parties, parliaments, and militaries.
    • Greater cooperation in trade and economy that should include reducing protectionism.
    • Greater people-to-people exchanges in a wide swathe of areas.
    • Strengthening international cooperation and friendly consultations on controversial issues and disagreements in exchanges.

Developing Synergy

Tagore was for close relationship between the two countries.

S &T Exchanges Should be Strengthened

MoU on Green Technology; exchange of hydrological data.

India-China Have a Role to Play in the Security Architectures for Asia

Issues of maritime security, issues concerning global commerce in the region, issue of terrorism, having peaceful periphery are common concerns.

Are India-China Rivals?

  • Neither of the two countries have a luxury of seeing each other in purely antagonistic terms
  • The view that India and China are rivals is an over generalisation as well as an over simplification of a complex relationship which encompasses so many diverse issues
  • Proposition of competition and rivalries should not be exaggerated in a manner that it overshadows our genuine attempts to manage and transact a rationally determined relationship between India and China
  • The reality is that both our countries have worked hard over the last two decades to enhance dialogue in a number of fields and we must maintain and build on that trend.
  • At the same time, it is true that divergences persist, and that there is no denying the fact that we have a disputed border.

Table 3

Positives vs Negatives
‘Copenhagen Spirit’ : exemplary cooperation witnessed between India and China during the Copenhagen climate change summitChina՚s angst over Dalai Lama՚s visit to AP in 2009
Peaceful bordersStapled visa issue cropped up in 2009
Huge tradeHuge trade deficit for India
Multilateral cooperation: BRICS, BASIC, SCO, G20Defence ties were stalled
Cultural cooperation
Student Exchange
In Sept 2011, India-China held their first even Strategic and Economic Dialogue

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