Books, Authors and Literary Works: Babarnama, Bang-E-Dara, Beast and Man

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Books, Authors & Literary Works

Books, Authors & Literary Works
Bang-e-daraMohd. Iqbal
Beast and ManMurry Midgley
Beginning of the BeginningBhagwan Sri Rajneesh
Beauty and RevolutionK. A. Abbas
Ben HurLewis Wallace
Between the LinesKuldip Nayar
Bhagwat GitaVed Vyas
Birth and Death of the SunGeorge Gamow
BisarjanR. N. Tagore
Bitter SweetNoel Coward
Blind BeautyBoris Pasternak
Bliss was it in that DawnMinoo Masani
Blue BirdMaurice Maeterlink
Broken WingSarojini Naidu
Buddha CharitamAshvaghosha
Bunch of Old LettersJawaharlal Nehru
Caesar and CleopatraG. B. Shaw
Canterbury TalesChaucer
ChandalikaRabindranath Tagore
ChangingLiv Ullmaan
ChemmeenT. S. Pillai
ChidambraSumitranandan Pant
Chinese BetrayalThe B. N. Mullick
ChitraR. N. Tagore
ChittrappavaiP. V. Akilandam
Childe HaroldLord Byron
Comedy of ErrosShakespeare
Confessions of a LoverMulk Raj Anand
Confessions of a ThugTaylor
Confidential ClerkT. S. Eliot
Coolie MulkRaj Anand
Conquest of selfMahatma Gandhi
Court DancerThe Rabindranath Tagore
Count of Monte CristoAlexander Dumas
Crime and PunishmentDostoevsky
Crisis of Indiathe Ronald Segal
Das KapitalKarl Marx
Daughter of the EastMrs. Benazir Bhutto
David CopperfieldCharles Dickens
Day in Shadowthe Nayantara Sehgal
Days of His GraceEyvind Johnson
Death of a PresidentWilliam Manchester
Decline and Fall of the Roman EmpireEdward Gibbon
Decline of the Westthe O. Spengier
Defence without DriftP. V. R. Rao
Democracy RedeemedV. K. Narasimhan
Deserted VillageOliver Goldsmith
Descent of ManCharles Darwin
DevadasSarat Chander
Discovery of IndiaJawaharlal Nehru
Divine LifeSivananda
Doctor՚s DilemmaG. B. Shaw
Don JuanLord Byron
Don QuixoteCervantes
Doll՚s HouseIbsen
Dr. ZhivagoBoris Pasternak
East of AdenJohn Steinbeck
Economic Planning of India Elimination of Child LabourAshok Mehta
Whose responsibilityPramilla H. Bhargava
End of an EraC. S. Pandit
Ends and MeansA. Huxley
Essays on GitaAurobindo Ghosh
Expanding UniverseEddington
Experiments with UntruthMichael Anderson
Eternal HimalayasH. P. S. Ahluwalia

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