Chaplin, Charlie, Charlemagne, Chidambaram Pillai and Chittaranjan Dass

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Chaplin, Charlie

The British born comedian, whose silent films gave delight to millions.


Also known as Charles the great Roman emperor and Frankish King. He founded the Holy Roman Empire in the year 800 and was the rest of his life the champion of the Christian faith and the most powerful figure in Europe.

Chavan Y. B

The former Deputy Prime Minister died on Nov. 25,1985.

Chidambaram Pillai

(VOC) Chidambaram Pillai immortalised under the famous initials VOC (Va Oo Si) was a lawyer in Tuticorin. He was the first to float a corporate enterprise “The Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company Limited” . The native company attracted a good deal of the sea traffic between Tuticorin and Colombo, which was dominated by the British Indian Steam Navigation Company and naturally VOC came to be seen as an opponent of English business interests in India in general.

Chittaranjan Dass

A famous Indian Patriot and freedom fighter who founded the Swarajist party in 1923.

Chittaranjan Singh Ranawat

The World-renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon, who flew into Mumbai from New York, successfully operated upon Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee replacing his left knee-joint by an artificial one at the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai on October 10,2000. The surgery lasted for 65 minutes. Dr. Ranawat has performed close to 3000 such operations. He also replaced the right knee joint of Mr. Soli. J. Sorabjee, India՚s Attorney General at the same Hospital the same day.

Chola, Rajaraja

The great Siva temple of Thanjavur (Tanjore) was built by him. Suryankoil or Surya՚s temple built by him is at Thanjavur. Here Surya is shown on a par with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Columbus, Christopher

Famous Italian Navigator who discovered America in 1498.

Dadabhai Naoroji

Was the First President of the Indian National Congress. He served as President for three times. He presided over the Indian National Congress of 1906 at Surat. He was the first Indian to be elected as a member of the British House of Commons from London. He is known as the “Grand Old Man of India” . Dadabhai Naoroji presented his Drain of Wealth Theory in his book Poverty and Un British Rule in India.

Dalai Lama

(Tenzing Gyatso) Spiritual Leader of Tibet. Fled to India after Tibetan uprising and established Govt. in-exile at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, India (1959) . Nobel Laureate (1989) .

Dr. David Livingstone

A Scottish missionary who is remembered for spreading Christianity and carrying out exploration in the contingent of Africa. He explored the Zambesi River and discovered Lake Nyasa (now Lake Malawi) and the Victoria Falls.

Dayan and Saraswathi

A great Hindu social reformer and founder of the Arya Samaj School. He fought for removal of untouchability, widow remarriage and for the abolition of other evils of the Hindu society. His motto was “Go back to the Vedas” .


Dhanvantari is a famous Indian Physician who adorned the Court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya.


Britain ′ s Princess Diana, who had been struggling to build a new life after her turbulent divorce with Prince Charles, died on August 31,1997 in a car crash in Paris after being pursued at high speed by paparazzi on motorcycles. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, and their chauffer also died when their Mercedes crashed in a tunnel along the Seine River at Pond de L ′ Alma Bridge in Paris.

Diya Mirza

The 18-year-old Femina Miss India Asia Pacific created history on December 2,2000 becoming the first ever Indian to be crowned as Miss Asia Pacific at the beauty Pageant in Manila (Philippines) .

Dorjee Phu

The first Indian to climb Mount Everest without oxygen, a seasoned mountaineer and instructor at the Sonamgyastso Mountaineering institute of Gangtok was, along with two of his team mates, overtaken by a fierce blizzard in May 1987. He scaled Kanchenjunga, world՚s third highest peak. He scaled Mount Everest twice. He is a Padma Shri and Arjuna award winner.


French statesman; appointed Governor of French East Indian possessions in 1742.


He became the President of the United States. Commander of Allied Forces in Europe. The first President of the U. S. A. to visit India.

Elizabeth I, Queen

Daughter of Henry VIII, she was queen of England; under whose rule England became a great power. Shakespeare lived during her time.


(342 - 270 BC) A Greek Philosopher who founded the Epicurus philosophy. He advised self negation, subdued life and the practice of virtues.

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