CIMON (YouTube Lecture) Robot YouTube Lecture Handouts-2018 Highlights

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CIMON: Crew Interactive MObile companioN

Crew Interactive Mobile Companion

  • 1st AI equipment to space
  • Early this morning (June 29) , a small robot endowed with artificial intelligence (AI) launched on a two-day trip to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX՚s Dragon cargo capsule.
  • Developed by the European aerospace company Airbus on behalf of the German space agency, which is known by its German acronym, DLR. The robot՚s AI is IBM՚s famous Watson system.
  • A floating, ball-shaped, artificial intelligence robot
  • CIMON is roughly spherical and weighs 11 lbs. (5 kilograms) . The robot can converse with people, and it knows whom it՚s talking to thanks to facial-recognition software.
  • Described as a “flying brain” by Manfred Jaumann, head of microgravity payloads at Airbus.
  • Three experiments are planned: one using crystals, one with a Rubik՚s cube and finally, a medical experiment in which CIMON will be employed as a flying camera

CIMON Will be 1st AI-Based Mission & Flight Assistance System

  • Entire structure of CIMON is made up of plastic & metal, created using 3D printing.
  • CIMON has brain-like AI network & is designed to support astronauts in performing routine work, for example by displaying procedures or offering solutions to problems. W/its face, voice & artificial intelligence, becomes genuine ‘colleague’ on board.
  • Applications: W/CIMON, crew members can do more than just work thru schematic view of prescribed checklists & procedures; they can engage w/their assistant.
  • CIMON makes work easier for astronauts when carrying out every day routine tasks, helps to increase efficiency, facilitates mission success & improves security, as it can serve as early warning system for technical problems.
  • CIMON is English-speaking droid roughly size of basketball that will help German astronaut conduct experiments on International Space Station.
  • CIMON will verbally communicate step-by-step instructions during 3 planned science experiments on space station՚s European module.
  • Extending astronauts′ abilities in space is imperative for future space exploration journeys, like crewed missions to Mars that are scheduled to take off as early as 2020.
  • Robot like CIMON w/human-like personalities could help mitigate disorientation astronauts may feel in space.

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