India՚s Defence System, Chiefs, Weapons, LCA Program, Improvement Program

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India՚s Defence System

  • World՚s largest arms importer
  • Third largest military force in the world
  • Defence budget:
  • Number of commands head
    • Army: 7 Lieutenant generals
    • IAF: 5 operational and two functional commands Air Marshal
    • Navy: 4 commands Vice Admiral
  • Indian navy is only one of the six navies in the world to have nuclear capability
  • IAF: fourth largest air force
  • Indian Coast Guard: 1978 through the Coast Guard Act

Major Operations of the Armed forces

Table of Army
Operation Polo (1948)Operation to annex the princely state of Hyderabad


Table of Chiefs
ArmyGen. V K Singh (PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC)
  • 26th General
  • Rajput regiment
  • Succeeded Deepak Kapoor

First Chief: Robert McGregor Mcdonald Lockhart

First Indian Chief: Field Marshal K M Cariappa

Gen PN Nath Thapar was Chief during Indo-China war V K Krishna Menon was Defence Minister

Gen Jayanto Nath Chaudhuri during 1965 war

Field Marshal Manekshaw during 1971 war

Gen Ved Prakash Malik during Kargil conflict


Table of Weapons
Aircraft Carrier
INS Viraat-The oldest carrier in service.

- Centaur Class

-Commissioned in 1959 as Royal Navy՚s HMS Hermes and transferred to India in 1987

-The only carrier in service in Indian Navy as of 2011

INS Vikramaditya-Soviet: Admiral Gorchakov

- Kiev Class

- To enter Indian service in 2012

- entered service in 1987

Vikrant Class INS Vishal-Indigenous

-Under construction

INS Vikrant-Retired in 1997
Akula-II (INS Chakra)- Lease from Russia. For training purpose

- Nuclear powered attack submarine

- Can deliver nuclear missiles to range of 300 km

INS Arihant- nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines

- launched in 2009

- India՚s first Indigenously designed and built submarine

- Constructed as a part of the Indian Navy՚s Advanced Technology Vessel Project

Scorpene class- diesel electric attack submarine

- developed by French DCN and Spanish company Navantia

- India has 6

Shiwaliks Class-multi role frigates with stealth features

-first warships being built in India with such features

-lead vessel commissioned in 2010

-built by Mazagon dock limited

Talwar class-built by Russia

-this was the predecessor of Shivalik

Multimission Maritime AircraftBoeing P-8 Poseidon
HAL Tejas-indigenous

-lightweight multirole jet fighter


-Received Initial Operating Clearance in Jan 2011

-Second supersonic fighter manufactured indigenously by HAL after HAL Marut

HAL Marut1960s

-retired in 1985


HelicopterHAL Dhruv-multi-role helicopter



-exported to several countries including Israel, Burma, Nepal and Equador

Medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicleDRDO Rustom-will replace Heron UAVs
Brahmos-World՚s fastest cruise missile 2.8 mach Range: 290 km

-Already inducted into army and navy.

Astra-beyond visual range air-to-air missile

-ranges beyond 20 nm

-under test

Shourya-hypersonic missile (7 - 8 mach)

-range: 700 km

Surface to surface missile

Land variant of K-15 missile (which is launched under the water)

Prithvi IArmy version – 150 km
Prithvi IIAir Force Version – 250 km
Prithvi III (Dhanush)Naval Version – 350 km
Agni (medium to intercontinental range ballistic missiles)
Agni IMedium range (500 - 700 km)
Agni IIIntermediate range (2000 - 2500 km)
Agni II Prime (aka Agni IV)2500 - 3000 km
Agni IIIIntermediate (3000 - 5500 km)
Agni V (under development)Intercontinental (5000 km)
Agni VI (under development)Intercontinental (10000 km)

LCA Program

Improvement Program

  • Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System (F-INSAS)
  • It is India՚s program to equip the infantry with state of the art equipment

India՚s nuclear missiles and nuclear warheads are handled by the Strategic Forces Command. It was created in 2003. It is a part of the Nuclear Command Authority. PM heads the NCA.

India՚s Joint Defence Exercises

Table of India՚s Joint Defence Exercises
NameTypeWith country?
Yudh AbhyasMilitaryUSA
Vajra PraharMilitaryUSA
GarudaAir ForceFrance
IndradhanushAir ForceUK
IBSAMARNavalJoint naval exercise of India, Brazil and SA

Vanguard: US-China

MCRA Competition

  • IAF Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Competition bid to supply 126 multi-role combat aircraft to the IAF.
  • India՚s single largest defence deal (USD 9.37 bn)
  • 2 of the 6 competing fighter jets have been shortlisted
    • Eurofighter Typhoon (built by consortium of three countries)
    • Dassault Rafale (France)

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