Competitive Exams: Fields of Scientific Studies Z

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Fields of Scientific Study: Z

  • Zenography: Study of the planet jupiter
  • Zoiatrics: Veterinary surgery
  • Zooarchaeology: Study of animal remains of archaeological sites
  • Zoochemistry: Chemistry of animals
  • Zoogeography: Study of geographic distribution of animals
  • Zoogeology: Study of fossil animal remains
  • Zoology: Study of animals
  • Zoonomy: Animal physiology
  • Zoonosology: Study of animal diseases
  • Zoopathology: Study of animal diseases
  • Zoophysics: Physics of animal bodies
  • Zoophysiology: Study of physiology of animals
  • Zoophytology: Study of plant-like animals
  • Zoosemiotics: Study of animal communication
  • Zootaxy: Science of classifying animals
  • Zootechnics: Science of breeding animals
  • Zygology: Science of joining and fastening
  • Zymology: Science of fermentation
  • Zymurgy: Branch of chemistry dealing with brewing and distilling

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