Sagar Mala Project-Closer to Success of Blue Revolution with Key MAP Locations YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Sagar Mala Project - Closer to Success of Blue Revolution with Key MAP Locations

Sagar Mala Project

Towards Blue Revolution

Need for Sagarmala Project

Need for Sagarmala Project - 1
Need for Sagarmala Project - 2

India vs. China

India vs China


Timeline of Sagar Mala Project

3 Pillars of Project

3 Pillars of Project

Vision – India՚s Move

  • Increase competitiveness of core industry and manufacturing: savings in input cost for power and steel by up to 5 %
  • Utilize national resources: Increase volume of inland waterways and coastal shipping by 50 MTPA
  • IT enabled National multimodal logistics plan
  • Coastal Roads through maritime states: through at least two lane Highways

Vision – World Class Ports

  • Sagarmala Development Company 1 to enable projects: national institution of excellence
  • World class PPP program in port, waterways and connectivity projects that will attract the best domestic and international investors
  • World class education/training though IMU as center of excellence
  • Maritime services clusters e. g. , for ship building

Vision – Boost Development of Ports

  • 2 - 3 port based smart cities & marine cluster/CERS over 10,000 acres creating 50,000 direct jobs.
  • 100 Early bird projects (including PPP) with ₹ 100,000 crores of investment
  • Additional port capacity of 1200 - 1500 MTPA from strengthening existing ports and 3 - 4 new mega ports
  • World-class transhipment port of not less than TEU՚s capacity

Vision – Empower Coastal Community

  • Skill building in coastal communities (e. g. , fisheries) and creating XX million jobs in maritime states
  • Comprehensive coastal community development potential from tourism in islands, light houses & cruises increasing GDP contribution of maritime states and sector
National Sagarmala Apex Committee

Total of 173 projects have been initially identified under four projects archetypes of Sagarmala in National Perspective Plan, April 2016. The Project archetype:

Table of Project Archetype
Project ArchetypeNumber of Projects
Port Modernisation53
Port Connectivity83
Port Led Industrialisation29
Coastal Community development8
6 Megaports Planned
Lighthouse Tourism
Specify Location of Pipavav


  • Two ports Kandla (Gujarat) and Paradip (Odisha) are being developed into Green Smart Cities.
  • At Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zone, government is investing ₹ 4,000 crore to provide employment to 1.5 lakh youth.
  • Free trade warehousing zones will be set up in Cochin and Ennore.

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