Competitive Exams: Important Facts to Know in History (Part 1 of 3)

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  1. Creator of Asa-di-war, Japuji sahib-Guru Nanak Dev ji.
  2. Creator of Bachittar Natak-Guru Gobind Singh
  3. Creator of Jab Sahibh-Guru Gobind Singh
  4. Creator of Anand Sahib-Guru Amar Das ji
  5. Creator of Sukhmani Sahib-Guru Arjan Dev ji
  6. Compiler of Guru Granth Sahib-Guru Arjan Dev ji
  7. Writer of Adhi Granth at the time of its compilation of-Bahi Gurdas Bhalla ji
  8. Creator of Bani written in Dasam Granth-Guru Gobind singh ji
  9. Most famous writer of Qisa Puran Bhagat-Fazal Shah.
  10. Date of Birth of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Nov. 2,1780.
  11. Name of the parents of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Father name: Maha singh, Mother name: Raj Kaur
  12. Time of treaty of Amritsar between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and British- 25th April, 1809
  13. Name of the Foreign minister of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Faqir Azizudeen
  14. Head of Finance minister at the the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Deewan Kaura Mal
  15. Most famous prime minister of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Dhian Singh Dogra
  16. Meaning of Kankut system started by Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Tax on standing crop in the field
  17. ‘Nazim Adalat’ at the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh state level-Court
  18. Capital city of maharaja Ranjit Singh-Lahore
  19. First war between Sikh and British-1845 A. D.
  20. Second Anglo Sikh War-1848 − 1849 A. D.
  21. Ranjit Singh (Thein) Dam has been constructed on the river-Ravi
  22. Which Dam is built on Beas near Talwara-Pong Dam.
  23. Dam built on the river Satluj-Bhakrha Dam
  24. The Dusi dam has been constructed on the river Beas
  25. The old name of the Amritser-Ramdas nagar
  26. Which Guru got constructor Akal Takhat-GuruHargobind Sahib
  27. The real Granth Sahib has been placed at-Kartarpur
  28. Guru Nanak Dav Ji was enlightenment at-Sultan Pur
  29. Which Guru built Buraj Baba Atal-Guru Hargobind Sahib
  30. The old name Punjab-Sapat Sindhu
  31. The Gurudwara situated at present where foundation of Khalsa Panth was laid-Gurudwara Kesgarh Sahib.
  32. The other name of Harmandir Sahib is-Darbar Sahib.
  33. The Guru; who founded Anandpur Sahib was-Guru Teg Bahadur
  34. Bhagat Singh was hanged on- 23rd March, 1931
  35. Number of district in Punjab-17, Lok Sabha seats-13
  36. Highest Gallantry Award-Param Vir Chakra
  37. NOBLE PRIZES; The Honors of Wining the Noble Prizes go to the Following 7 Indians
    1. Rabinder Nath Tagore win the noble prizes from literature in 1913.
    2. C V Raman win the noble prizes from physics in 1930.
    3. Hargobind Khurana win the noble prizes from medicine in 1968.
    4. Mother Teresa win the noble price from peace in 1979.
    5. S chandrashekher win the noble prize from physics in 1986.
    6. Prof. Amaritya Sen win the noble prizes from Economics in 1998.
    7. V S Naipaul win the noble prizes from Literature in 2001.
  38. Legal Service Clinic: A Legal Service Clinic open 24 hours on all days, has been established in Ahemdabad to provide free service of retired high court judge and reputed lawyear.
  39. Highest Gallantry Award-ParamVir Chakra
  40. Highest Civilian Award-Bharat Ratana
  41. First Olympic Game held at Athens in 1896
  42. First Deputy Prime Minister of India-Sardar Patel
  43. 2nd deputy Prime Minister of India-Morarzi Desai
  44. 3hd Deputy Prime Minister of India-Choudhari Charan Singh
  45. 5th Deputy Prime Minister of India-Y. V. Chauan.
  46. 6th Deputy Prime Minister of India-Dev Lal
  47. 7th Deputy Prime Minister of India-Lal Krishan Advani
  48. AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  49. HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  50. AIDS: Is caused by Virus Aids is due to Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  51. Classical Dances of India
    1. Manipur of Manipur
    2. Oddisi of Orissa
    3. Katha-Kali of Kerala
    4. Kuchi-Pudi of Andhra Pradesh
    5. Bharat Natyam of Tamil Nadu
    6. Kathak of Utter Pradesh
    7. Bihu of Assam
  52. The State of Haryana-: Came into begin on, Nov. 1,1966 as result of the re-organizations of the old Punjab state into two separate seats. It consist of the Hind speaking area of Punjab, secong language status has been given to Punjab (1996)
  53. Book and Author:
    1. Life Diving
    2. Ain-I-Akbari-Aourbinbo Ghosh
    3. Panchtantra-Abdul Fazal
    4. Mahabharta-Vishnu Sharma
    5. India wins Freedom-Ved Vyas
    6. Discovery of India-Maulana Abdul Kalam
    7. My Experiment with Truth-Gandhi
    8. Madhushala-Harivansh Rai Bachan
    9. Prisoner՚s Scorapbook-L K Advani