IITM, IIT Mandi, Military, Defense, and Security Cooperation, Indian Diaspora and Negative Aspects

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  • Growing bilateral Energy cooperation (CDM projects)
  • Joint research in global remote sensing satellite IRS P3, biosensors in clinical application, high temp superconducting magnets

Military, Defense, and Security Cooperation: Mostly on a Military-To-Military Basis

  • But while the fight against terrorism became one of the main focus areas in the foreign policy of Germany and nearly all European states after 9/11, the impact on security cooperation between India and Germany remained low. Regarding German arms sales to India, main exports since 1999 have been parts for the construction of ships and submarines for the Indian Navy, as well as technology for the respective fire control systems, sonar- and navigation systems. Major military acquisitions from Germany included four Type-209 submarines, diesel engines for submarines and tanks, as well as a large number of Do-228 aircrafts.
  • Defense Cooperation Agreement, 2006. The new agreement on defense cooperation gave a tremendous boost to the military and strategic ties between India and Germany. In 2008 the first joint naval exercise between India and Germany took place off the coast of Kochi.
  • As India wants to procure 126 Multi-Role Medium Range Combat Aircrafts (MMRCAs) , Germany hopes to win the bid for the construction with the Eurofighter that is produced by EADS, a European consortium. This would be a great boost for military and defense ties between India and Germany.


DAAD program of funding young scientists

Indian Diaspora

  • There are about 68,000 Indians in Germany. The Indian diaspora mainly comprises of technocrats, small time businessmen/traders and nurses.
  • India is still the single-largest recipient of German ODA which basically focuses on the fields of infrastructure, energy efficiency, renewable energies, cooperation in the field of science and technology, and vocational training.
  • Chancellor Merkel was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding for the year 2009

Negative Aspects

  • Difference of opinion on CC, global warming (GHG emissions) , Doha developmental agenda
  • Low political and economic engagement
  • Anti dumping regulations on Indian exports
  • Germany՚s specialization in banking and insurance, sectors in which India restricts foreign ownership
  • existence of very restrictive regulations concerning the export of weapons from Germany naturally limit the overall trade in arms, and on the other, hi-tech weapon systems from Germany are, simply speaking, very expensive.

Potential and Way Fwd

  • IT, BT, health, pharma, value addition and diversification (complimentary nature of trade)
  • Potential for Energy coop; Civil nuclear, coal and gas (Merkel՚s visit: Indo German Energy Forum)
  • India an attractive retail market
  • German Companies are major employment generators in India
  • With the German counterterrorism police force GSG9, sophisticated technology and cooperation between their respective intelligence services, this is a plausible area for greater engagement and cooperation in the strategic dimension.


A very sensitive field of relations between India and Germany has emerged after the conclusion of India՚s nuclear deal with the US. Now Germany is willing to sell know-how and technology to India, but that might also be subject to Germany՚s domestic politics.

Germany needs India much more than the latter needs Germany. For an export-oriented nation like Germany, an economic and civilian power, it is necessary and reasonable to have good relations with the world՚s largest democracy, which also happens to be one of the world՚s most promising emerging economies.

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