Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna: Most Important Topic for 2021 Competitive Exams

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  • Housing is one of the basic requirements for human survival. For a normal citizen owning a house provides significant economic & social security & status in society. For a shelter less person, a house brings about a profound social change in his existence, endowing him with an identity, thus integrating him with his immediate social milieu.
  • In pursuance to the goal - Housing for all by 2022, the rural housing scheme Indira Awas Yojana has been revamped to Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin & approved during March 2016. Under the scheme, financial assistance is provided for construction of pucca house to all houseless & households living in dilapidated houses. It is proposed that one crore households would be provided assistance for construction of pucca house under the project during the period from 2016 - 17 to 2018 - 19. The scheme would be implemented in rural areas throughout India except Delhi & Chandigarh. The cost of houses would be shared between Centre & States.


  • To provide pucca house to all who are houseless & living in dilapidated houses in rural areas by 2022.

Funding Pattern

  • Under PMAY, the cost of unit assistance is to be shared between Central & State Governments in the ratio 60: 40 in plain areas & 90: 10 for North Eastern & hilly states.
  • The unit assistance given to beneficiaries under the programme is ₹ 1,20, 000 in plain areas & to ₹ 1,30, 000 in hilly states/difficult areas/Integrated Action Plan (IAP) for Selected Tribal & Backward Districts. Presently the NE States, States of HP, J&K & Uttarakhand & all 82 LWE districts are identified as difficult & hilly areas. The unit size is 25 sq. m including a dedicated area for hygienic cooking.
  • The beneficiary is entitled to 90 days of unskilled labour from MGNREGA.
  • The beneficiary would be facilitated to avail loan of up to ₹ 70,000/- for construction of the house which is optional.
  • Funds will be transferred electronically directly to the account of the beneficiary.
Objectives of PMAY

Target Group

  • Identification of beneficiaries eligible for assistance & their prioritisation to be done using information from Socio Economic & Caste Census (SECC) ensuring total transparency & objectivity.
  • The list will be presented to Gram Sabha to identify beneficiaries who have been assisted before or who have become ineligible due to other reasons. The finalised list will be published. Annual list of beneficiaries will be identified from the total list through participatory process by the Gram Sabha. Gram Sabha will need to justify in writing with reasons for any alteration of priority in the original list.

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