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Ekman, Scharmada & Forbes: Biogeographical Regionalization - Aquatic Life

Biogeography Meaning

  • Biogeography is the scientific study of the geographic distribution of plant and animal life.
    • Bio means life
    • Geo means earth
  • Biogeography, the geographic distribution of species, provides evidence of evaluation.
  • Determines how and where different species migrated.
  • It also includes ecological and historical biogeography.
Biogeographic Zones in India

Biogeographical Classification

  • Major Classifications
  • Terrestrial Plants
  • Terrestrial Animals
  • Aquatic Life

Based on Distributional Pathway

  • Larval life span
  • Generation time
  • Ocean Currents

Sven Ekman Classification

Basis of geographical boundaries & fauna Indo-West Pacific: Main region

Forbes Classification

Categorized as fishes, molluscs & radiates Homozoic belts Resemblance by representation & not by identity

Schmarda՚s Classification

Similarity of animals in similar geographical conditions – unrelated to geopolitical regions Vicariant forms

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