Biogeographical Regionalization-Terrestrial Animals YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Biogeographic Regionalization: Holdridge, Rapoport, MacArthur & Wilson, Pielou, Muller, Morrone

Biogeographical Classification

  • Major Classifications
  • Terrestrial Plants
  • Terrestrial Animals
  • Aquatic Plants & Animals

Wallace Classification

Classification & Global Distribution of Plants and Animals - Vavilov՚s Genecenters

Merriam Classification

  • Based on life zones
  • Focused on North & Central American terrestrial mammal distribution
  • 6 zones explained
  • Used by ecologists

Sclater Classification

  • Based on bird taxa
  • 6 zones

Karl P. Schmidt Distribution

  • Modified Wallace distribution
  • 3 realms

Cox Classification

  • Mammal zoogeographic regions
  • 6 zones

Kuschel՚s Classification

  • Plant & animal taxa from southern continents
  • Antarctica as land bridge – Austral region (Patagonia, Australia & S. Africa)

Smith Classification

  • Numerical analysis of mammal families
  • 4 regions
  • 10 sub-regions

Porches Classification

  • Distribution of bats

Kreft & Jetz Classification

  • Multivariate statistical protocol to distributional data of mammal families
  • 30 regions with 6 kingdoms

Proches & Ramdhani Classification

  • Based on composition of mammal assemblage
  • Cluster analysis
  • 4 transitions
  • 14 regions

Classification Based on Climate

  • Stenohygric: Tolerate narrow limit of humidity
  • Euryhygric: Tolerate wide limit of humidity

Classification Based on Temperature

  • Stenothermal: narrow range
    • Thermophilic: Live in high temperature
    • Cryophilic: Live in low temperature
  • Eurythermal: wide range (Zander in Europe)

Based on Food

  • Euryphagous: Can feed on variety of food (omnivores)
  • Stenophagous: feed on selective items

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