Knowing About Our Soil-Physical (8) , Chemical (2) and Biological (1) Characteristics of Soil YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Knowing About Our Soil - Physical (8), Chemical (2) and Biological (1) Characteristics of Soil

Characteristics of Soil

Soil Characteristics

Angular and Subangular

  • Angular blocky: Three dimensions are about same size but edges are shape and faces appear flattened.
  • Subangular blocky: Three dimensions are about same size but polythedrons are subarounded.
Angular and Subangular

Munsell Color System

  • Color space that specifies colors based on three color dimensions: hue, value (lightness) , and chroma (color purity) .
  • 100 equally spaced hues around circle.
  • Brightness: Value from 0 for black to 10 for white
Munsell Color System

Porosity vs. Permeability

These are two distinct physical properties of solids.

  • Porosity:
    • Measure of how much of a rock is open space.
    • This space can be between grains or within cracks or cavities of the rock.
    • Refers to the extent to which tiny pores or spaces exist within the solid.
  • Permeability:
    • Measure of the ease with which a fluid can move through a porous rock.
    • Refers to the ability of a mass of solid to permit or restrain the passage of fluids.
    • That is gases or liquids, through itself.