Mysteries of Earth-Analyzing Soil and Its 5 Horizons YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Mysteries of Earth - Analyzing Soil and Its 5 Horizons
Mysteries of Earth, Analyzing and Its 5 Horizons
Relative Soil Particle Sizes
Types of Soil Chart
Solum and Bedrock for Soil
Image of Letter and Distinction of Soil
aOrganic matter, highly decomposedbBuried soil horizon
cConcretions or nodulesdDense unconsolidated materials
eOrganic matter, intermediate decompositionfFrozen soil
gStrong gleying (mottling)hIlluvial accumulation of organic matter
iOrganic matter, slightly decomposedjJarosite (yellow sulfate mineral)
jjCryoturbation (frost churning)kAccumulation of carbonates
mCementation or IndurationnAccumulation of sodium
oAccumulation of Fe and Al oxidespPlowing or other disturbance
qIlluvial organic matter and Fe and Al oxidesrWeathered or soft bedrock
sAccumulation of silicassSlickensides (shiny clay wedges)
tAccumulation of silicate claysuPresence of human-manufactured materials (artifacts)
vPlinthite (high iron, red material)wDistinctive color or structure without clay accumulation
xFragipan (high bulk density, brittle)yAccumulation of gypsum
zAccumulation of soluble salts