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AntiCyclones YouTube - Lecture - Handouts
AntiCyclones Image
AntiCyclones Table
FeaturesCold AnticycloneWarm Anticyclone
CharacteristicsShallow & extends upto 23 kmDeep, slow moving & associated with blocking in higher latitudes
OriginPersistent radiational cooling of land surface & cold overlying atmosphereConvergence in upper troposphere with subsidence beneath
IntensityDecreases with heightIncreases with height
Regions of FormationHigh latitude continental interiors e. g. SiberiaSubtropical belt latitude e. g. Bermuda, Greenland, North Canada etc.
Troposphere TemperatureColderWarmer
Tropopause PressureLowerHigher
Stratosphere TemperatureWarmerColder
PersistenceMore immobile & less persistencePersist for days, weeks, & even months

Anticyclone to Cyclone

Anticyclone to Cyclone Image
Anticyclone to Cyclone Table
Surface pressureHighLow
Air flowDiverges at surfaceConverges at surface
Vertical air motionSubsidesRises
Wind speedWeakModerate to strong
PrecipitationGenerally dryWet
CloudinessNo clouds or stratus cloudsNimbostratus or cumulonimbus clouds
StabilityStable air with no subsidenceMay be unstable


Little temperature contrast

across high

Strong temperature contrasts at fronts
Speed of movementSlow moving or stagnantGenerally mobile, moves west-east

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