Circulation & Winds YouTube Lecture Handout

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Circulation & Winds YouTube Lecture Handout

Cold Winds 1. Mistral- Blows in Spain & France from N-W to S-E. Common during winter 2. Bora- Blows along the shores of the Adriatic sea. 3. Blizzard -Snow laden wind in canada. 4. Purga- Snow laden wind in Russian tundra. Much like Buran. 5. Bise- An extremely cold wind in France

Circulation & Winds

Circulation & Winds Iamge-1
Circulation & Winds Iamge-2
Circulation & Winds Iamge-3

Planetary Winds

Circulation & Winds Iamge-4

Local Winds

Local Winds Iamge-1
Local Winds Iamge-2
Local Winds Iamge-3
Local Winds Iamge-4

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