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Fronts - Formation, Locating Them on Maps & 4 Types in Climatology


Dr. Manishika Jain explains what are fronts, formation of fronts, location of fronts on maps and 4 types of fronts viz. , 1. Warm Front 2. Cold Front 3. Occluded Front 4. Stationary Front

How to Locate Front on Map?

Fronts Image

Creation & Destruction of Fronts

  • Temperature contrast and converging air strong enough to move one air mass towards another.
  • Dissipation of front caused by divergent air.
Creation & Destruction of Fronts

Classification of Fronts

Classification of Fronts
Warm Front Image
Cold Front Image
  • The Atlantic Polar Front- maritime tropical air mass meets continental polar air mass during winter.
  • The Atlantic Arctic Front- maritime polar air mass meets along the boundary of Arctic source- region.
  • Mediterranean Front- cold polar air mass of Europe meets the winter air mass of Africa.
  • Pacific Arctic Fronts- Rockies-Great Lakes region.

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