Tibetan Plateau-Role in Climatology & Latest Developments YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Tibetan Plateau - Role in Climatology & Latest Developments

Indian monsoon is a unique feature worldwide. Previous it was believed that change in pressure gradient and thermal gradient leads to monsoon activities.

Later it was realized that there is an increasing role of upper air circulations and jet streams in determination of monsoon.

Tibetan Plateau

Tibetan plateau holds a special place in this regards as there has been developments in Tibetan plateau due to the huge flat land at higher elevation it can capture a lot of heat and affects the monsoon phenomena.

  • In the mid October, Plateau becomes very cold.
  • In summers it becomes very hot

Plateau of Tibet is a vast high plateau of southwestern China. It encompasses all of the Tibet Autonomous Region and much of Qinghai province and extends into western Sichuan province and southern Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang.

Tibetan plateau has an area of 2,500, 000 square km with tangled mountains and uplands above 4,000 to 5,000 metres in height. Mount Everest is at 29,035 feet ASL.


Tibetan Plateau

Rivers Originating from Tibet

Latest Developments

Rivers Originating from Tibet

Receding Glaciers

Receding Glaciers

Tibetan heating and ENSO that act independently, if taken together could have predictive value for rainfall in the monsoon՚s early and late phases.

Tibetan Plateau and Indian Monsoon

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