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Climate of India

The Basic Cause Of The Environment Problem

Our way of life in rich countries like Australia. involves consumption of huge volumes of resources, and consequently it involves dumping vast amounts of wastes into the environment. To provide a US lifestyle to one person, about 80 tonnes of materials have to be processed every year, much of it mining waste. Energy equal to 7 tonnes of oil has to be used. For each kilo of food-eaten some 10 kg of soil are lost. At least 4.5 ha of productive land are needed just to provide one person living in a rich world city with their food, water, living space and energy. If all the worlds people were to live as we do, productive land equal to 3.5 times all the worlds productive land would be needed, and world population is very likely going to almost double before it stabilizes around 9 - 10 billion. In other words the way we live is not just somewhat unsustainable; it is far beyond a sustainable level of resource use and “environmental impact. U all the people we are to have on earth soon were to have the Australian average per capita energy use then world energy production would have to be 9 - 10 times what it is today. Yet To be top priority in our society is to increase production, consumption, living standards and the G DP, all the time and without limit. We cannot reduce these demands for re80tll” CeS from nature and the dumping of wastes into nature unless we change to a very different society, one in which all can live well on very low material living standards.

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