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Kalpsar Project - Gulf of Khambhat Development Program - Key MAP Locations

Kalpsar Project

How are karst landforms, its origin, formation and the erosional and depositional landforms are explained in this session by Dr. Manishika Jain. The erosional landforms include: 1. Disappearing streams and blind valley 2. Sink Hole 3. Swallow Holes 4. Caves 5. Ponores 6. Sinking Creek 7. Uvalas 8. Poljes

Brain Child: Anil Kane

Need for Project?

To store 25 % average annual surface water resources by constructing 30 km long dam across the Gulf of Khambhat. This reservoir will store about 10,000 MCM of surface water and will be the worldีšs largest fresh water reservoir in sea.

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Kalpsar Project Map
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  • Largest man made fresh water reservoir in the sea.
  • Priority to irrigation and drinking water for Saurashtra and Central Gujarat regions.
  • Double the Sardar Sarovar (Narmada Reservoir) capacity.
  • 10.54 lakh ha land in 39 talukas of 6 districts of Saurashtra region will get irrigation.
  • 60 existing dams will be filled with water.
  • Wind and solar energy used for lifting fresh water from the reservoir to the canals.
  • Bhavnagar port- speedy development of the region.
  • Saving in travel time.
  • Improvement in ground water quality
  • Soil salinity
  • 2 lakh ha land along the reservoir- value-based land utilization.

Extent and Applicability

Extent and Applicability Map

Benefits of Project

Ports Developed Map

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