Location Quotient: Measure of Concentration-Formula, Application & Properties YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Location Quotient: Measure of Concentration - Formula, Application & Properties

Title: Location Quotient Measure of Concentration

What is LQ?

Measurement of Concentration

  • It is used to find out the proportion of any aspect in a sub-unit (say district) in relation to a larger unit or region (say state or country) . It is defined as proportion of the ratio of particular characteristics in an area to the same ratio in the larger region
  • is locational quotient, is index of an area and is index of category. is number of persons in category in area , is total population of area in all categories, is population under category in the larger region, is total population of larger region across all categories
    • Dimensionless
    • Comparable
    • LQ > 1 more regional concentration
    • LQ < 1 less regional concentration
  • If LQ of an area is unity, the share of that category in the area and region is unity. It means that that category in the particular area has proportions similar to the larger region.
  • Location quotient greater than 1 means more regional concentration and less than 1 means less regional concentration.
  • LQ are the ratio of ratios and hence it is dimensionless.
  • Because they are ratios, LQ of one region is comparable with another.