AEOLIAN LANDFORMS YouTube Lecture Handouts

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AEOLIAN LANDFORMS YouTube Lecture Handouts

Aeolian landforms are formed by wind action. The various process that lead to breaking of the sand particles are explained in the video. Below are the handout for the images used in the video.

Erosion of Wind Particles

Erosion of Wind Particles Image

Transportation of Wind Particles

Transportation of Wind Particles Image

Wind can form erosional and depositional structures or structures formed by combination of both

Erosional Landforms

Deflation Hollow/Deflation Basin

Deflation Hollow/Deflation Basin Image

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock Image


Inselberg Image


Demoiselles Image

Mesa & Butte

Mesa & Butte Image


Zeugen Image


Yardangs Image

Stone Lattice

Stone Lattice Image

Ventifacts & Derikanter

Ventifacts & Derikanter Image

Wind Bridge & Windows

Wind Bridge & Windows Image

Lag Deposits & Desert Pavements

Lag Deposits & Desert Pavements Image

Castellated Chimney

Castellated Chimney Image

Others: Grooves & Hamada

Depositional Landforms


Ripples Image

Cross Section of Sand Dunes

Cross Section of Sand Dunes with Faces and Beds

Cross Section of Sand Dunes

Cross Section of Sand Dunes Image

Movement of Sand Dunes

Movement of Sand Dunes Image
Dune Forms Image

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes Image


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