Channel Morphology YouTube Lecture Handout

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Channel Morphology YouTube Lecture Handout

Channel Morphology

The study of the channel pattern and the channel geometry at several points along a river channel, including the network of tributaries within the drainage basin. Also known as River Channel morphology

Dr. Manishika Jain explains what is channel morphology and the various 5 ways to understand it: 1. Channel Geometry 2. Fluid Dynamics 3. Channel Bed Topography 4. Hydraulic Geometry 5. Channel Types & Patterns

Channel Morphology Image

What to Study?

Channel Geometry Image

Factors Affecting River Channel Morphology


  • Volume of water flowing per unit time.
  • High discharge causes erosion, transportation, and deposition in high rate


  • Fast moving rivers carry greater amount of materials.
  • Depends on the gradient and discharge of river.


  • Nature of rocks effects channel morphology.
  • Some rocks are easily eroded than others.


  • Loaded river will not erode and transport the materials

Channel Geometry: Size & Shape of Cross Sectional and Longitudinal Channel

Size & Shape of Cross Sectional and Longitudinal Channel

Channel Fluid Dynamics

Channel Fluid Dynamics Image

Channel Bed Topography

Channel Bed Topography Image

Hydraulic Geometry

Hydraulic Geometry Iamge

Channel Types & Patterns