Fluvial Depositional Lanforms YouTube Lecture Handouts

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7 Major Fluvial Depositional Landforms - Carving the Face of the Earth
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  • Created from combinations of specific sedimentary processes and depositional environments.
  • Two major categories
    • Overbank
    • Lateral accretion mechanisms
  • Influenced by drainage basin and local hydraulic controls.
  • Provide linkages to a diverse range of Earthีšs surficial processes, including human โ€“ environment interaction.
  • Active landforms include alluvial fans, terraces, deltas, and floodplains.
    • Subdivided into natural levees, channel bars, backswamps, infilled channels, and crevasse deposits. Fluvial terraces are relict floodplains above active river valleys
  • Key information to understand fluvial adjustment to past hydroclimatic regimes.
  • Fluvial-dominated deltas- sandy river mouth deposits transported as bed load.
  • Applications in economics, flooding, and environmental management and restoration.
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