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Geosynclines - Formation, 2 Hypothesis & 7 Types


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Mechanism of Formation of Geosyncline

Evolution of Geosyncline

  • Hypothesis of Evans
  • Hypothesis of Holmes

STAGES of Geosyncline by Holmes

Stages of Geosyncline Image

Order of Geosyncline by Holmes

Types of Geosyncline

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Types of Geosyncline

  • Orthogeosyncline
  • Eugeosyncline
  • Miogeosyncline
  • Taphrogeosyncline
  • Par geosyncline
  • Zeugogeosyncline
  • Auto geosyncline

By Schuchert


  • Exceptionally long and narrow tracts
  • Situated either within a continent or along the littoral areas
  • Pass through only one cycle of sedimentation and mountain-building.
  • Appalachian geosyncline


  • Broader than monogeosynclines
  • Longer period of existence
  • More than one phase of orogenesis
  • The Rockies and Ural geosynclines
  • Exhibit complex parallel anticlines called geanticlines.


  • Surrounded by continents
  • Complex geological history
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