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Groundwater - Hydrogeology, 3 Zones, Process & Factors, Aquifers, Aquiclude, Aquitard


  • Water stored in the ground
  • Moving slowly
  • Part of the water cycle
  • Comes from precipitation- infiltrates from land surface.
  • Upper layer unsaturated zone- does not saturate the soil
  • Saturated zone- all the pores, cracks, and spaces between rock particles are saturated with water
  • Aquifer- water-bearing formations yielding enough water
  • Top where groundwater occurs is water table.
  • Aquifers replenishment depends on geologic, meteorologic, topographic, and human factors.
  • Porosity and permeability changes groundwater recharge vary all over the world

Types of Water

  • Meteoric Water
  • Connate Water
  • Magmatic/Juvenile Water

Water Table & Changes

Water Table & Changes Image

Zones of Underground Water

Zones of Underground Water Image

Aquiclude & Aquitard

Aquiclude: A hydrogeologic unit which, although porous and capable of storing water, does not transmit it at rates sufficient to furnish an appreciable supply for a well or spring.

Aquitard: A confining bed that retards but does not prevent the flow of water to or from an adjacent aquifer; a leaky confining bed.

Aquiclude & Aquitard Iamge


Wells Iamge

Movement of Groundwater

Movement of Groundwater Image

Factors Affecting Ground Water


Porosity Image


Permeability Image

Darcy՚s Law

Darcy՚s Law Image