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Interior of the Earth: 3 Divisions and 5 Discontinuities


Co Mr. WG Lehmann

  • Co: Conard Discontinuity (Between Outer & Inner Crust)
  • M: Mohorovicic Discontinuity (Between Crust & Mantle)
  • R: Repetiti Discontinuity (Between Outer & Inner Mantle)
  • WG: Weichart-Gutenburg Discontinuity (Between Mantle & Core)
  • Lehmann: Lehmann Discontinuity (Between Outer & Inner Core)

Mechanical Division

  • Lithosphere: Constitutes 80 - 100 km in depth & made of plates.
  • Asthenosphere: Next 100 - 200 km; it is a low velocity zone with more plastic & less viscous constituents.
  • Mesosphere: Whole of the mantle
  • Barysphere: Core


  • SIAL
  • SIMA

Van De Gracht՚s Classification

Van De Gracht՚s Classification

Daly՚s Classification

Daly՚s Classification

Jeffrey՚s Classification (Rock Type)

  • Outer Layer - Sedimentary
  • 2nd Layer - Granite
  • 3rd Layer - Diorite (dark grey intermediate intrusive igneous rock)
  • 4th Layer - Eclogite