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Mass Wasting and Landslides - Types, Components, Causes and Prone Areas

Mass Wasting & Landslides

Dr. Manishika Jain explains the conceptual basis for mass wasting and landslides along with the major components of landslides, causes and areas prone to landslides.

  • Mountains erode and rocks and debris slide and fall down mountain slopes
  • Large movement of rock, soil and debris downward
  • Type of erosion
  • Happen suddenly or slowly.
  • Increased steepness increases mass wasting
  • Increased water can wash away small particles
  • Decreased vegetation is more prone to mass wasting.
  • Earthquakes have ability to break off sections of mountains or hills, causing them to slide down the slope.
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Classification Based on Velocity

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Classification Based on Velocity Image-2
Classification Based on Velocity Image-3