2 Major Theories in Mountain Building-Geosynclinal Orogen & Plate Tectonic Theory YouTube Lecture Handouts

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2 Major Theories in Mountain Building - Geosynclinal Orogen & Plate Tectonic Theory
Classification of Mountain

Mountains Building Meaning

  • The geological processes such as tectonic plate movement and volcanic activity by which mountains are formed.
  • New mountains are built when rocks are pushed upwards by the movement of the giant rocky plates that make up the Earthีšs layer.
  • Mountains can be classified based on various types like tectonic and relict mountains. Tectonic mountains are further classified as mountains of deformation and accumulation.

Classification of Mountains

  • Based on Geography
  • Based on Period of Origin
  • Based on Process of Origin

Based on Geography

  • Cordillera
  • Mountain System
  • Mountain Range
  • Mountain Ridge

Based on Period of Origin

  • Pre-Cambrian
  • Caledonian
  • Hercynian
  • Alpine

Based on Process of Origin

  • Fold or Complex Mountain
  • Young Fold
  • Old Fold
  • Fault Block Mountain
  • Volcanic Mountain
  • Denuded or Erosional Mountain

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