Mountain Building YouTube Lecture Handout

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Mountain Building Theories - Joly, Jeffreys, Daly, Holmes and Wegner Explained in 1 Table

Classification of Mountains

  • Based on Geography
  • Based on Period of Origin
  • Based on Process of Origin

Based on Geography

  • Cordillera
  • Mountain System
  • Mountain Range
  • Mountain Ridge

Based on Period of Origin

  • Pre-Cambrian
  • Caledonian
  • Hercynian
  • Alpine

Based on Process of Origin

  • Fold or Complex Mountain
  • Young Fold
  • Old Fold
  • Fault Block mountain
  • Volcanic Mountain
  • Denuded or Erosional Mountain

Based on Location

Continental Mountains

Coastal Mountains

  • Applachians
  • Rockies
  • Alpine mountain chains
  • Western and Eastern Ghats

Inland Mountains

  • Ural moun­tains (Russia)
  • Vosges and Black Forest block moun­tains (Europe)
  • Himalayas, Aravallis, Satpura, Maikal, Kaimurs (India)
  • Kunlun, Tienshan, Altai etc. (Asia)

Oceanic Mountains

  • Below the water surface.
  • Located on continental shelves and ocean floors.
  • Height from the oceanic floor
  • Mauna Kea volcanic mountain of Hawaii is 4200 m high from the sea level but 9140 m from bottom.
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