7 Theories of Origin of Earth – Part – 2 YouTube Lecture Handouts

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7 Theories of Origin of Earth - Part - 2

Origin of Earth

  • 4.6 billion years ago
  • Sun and planets coalesced out of a vast cloud of gas and dust.
  • Earth was hot glowing ball of white hot gases.
  • Particles of gases were compressed together, giving off heat.
  • Gases cooled down.
  • Heavy material went to center of earth.
  • Liquid material went to center.

Otto Schmidt՚s Inter-Stellar Dust Cloud Hypothesis

  • Otto Schmidt: A Russian scientist.
  • He proposed his ‘Inter- stellar – dust’ hypothesis in 1943.
  • To explain the complex problem of the origin of the earth and the solar system.
Otto Schmidts Inter Stellar Dust Cloud Hypothesis

Nova Hypothesis - Hoyle & Lyttleton

  • Nova Hypothesis: The sun had another companion star which was much bigger than the sun, and the two together constituted a binary system.
  • Hoyle and Lyttleton: The planets of the solar system have an originated from the expanding gases obtained from the explosion of a supernova.

Binary Star Hypothesis – Russell

  • Propounded in 1937.
  • To remove the shortcomings of tidal hypothesis of sir James Jeans.
Binary Star Hypothesis - Russell

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Model


  • It is an alternative to the Big Bang model of the evolution of the universe.
Steady State Model

Electromagnetic Theory - Hannas Alfven

  • Hannas Alfven was a Swedish scientist.
  • Considered one of the founding father of the field of space plasma physics.
  • He Known for:
    • Magnetohydrodynamics
    • Plasma cosmology
    • Alfvén wave

Dust Gas Cloud Theory – Weizsacker

  • This hypothesis explains well some of the observed phenomena relating to solar system.