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BEHAVIORAL APPROACH YouTube Lecture Handouts

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  • Approach attempts to understand human activity in space, place, and environment

  • Study at the disaggregate level- from the perspective of individual person.

  • Recognize individuals vary from each other.

  • Model human activity and interaction

  • For example, behavioral geographers maintain that distance is subjective rather than objective and hence spatial activities and models like Losch and Weber should be more variable and less deterministic.

  • People evaluate decision alternatives according to their beliefs

  • Perceptual knowledge acquired via the senses

  • Human-environment relations are dynamic and bidirectional: The actions and mental states of individuals cause, and are caused by, physical and social environments

  • Inherent interdisciplinary connections, particularly with various subfields of psychology, but also with other behavioral and cognitive disciplines, such as linguistics, anthropology, economics, and artificial intelligence, and environmental disciplines, such as planning, architecture, and urban studies.


  • Quantitative Revolution

  • Positivism

  • Statistical Methods


  • People make Choices

  • Alternative to Spatial Location

  • Cognitive Environment for Decision Making

  • From Aggregate to Disaggregate Scale

Evolution of Behavioral Approach

Discussed in the video.

Critic of Behavioral Approach

Discussed in the video.

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