Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Atomic Power Plants

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IAS Mains Geography Optional 2013 Solutions

Atomic Power Plants

  1. Tarapur-Maharashtra - Atomic Power Plant, in India based on US Design
  2. Rawatbhata Rajasthan. Based on Canadian design
  3. Kalpakkam TamilNadu only Atomic Power Plant located in coal rich region
  4. Narora Uttar Pradesh only Atomic Power Plant used for Agricultural Purpose.
  5. Kakrapara Gujarat
  6. Kaiga Karnataka
  7. Kudankulam Tamil Nadu (Fuel Supplied by Russia) More on Power of The breakup of Electricity generation through different sources is as follows:
  8. Thermal 82.0 %
  9. Hydroelectric 14.9 %
  10. Nuclear Power 3.4 %
  11. Hydroelectricity: Karnataka Meghalaya Kerala Nagaland Himachal P. Tripura J and K Sikkim
  12. Thermal Power: Delhi Jharkhand Haryana Chhattisgarh Punjab M P Assam Gujarat W B U P Bihar Maharashtra

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