Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Biosphere Reserves

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Marine Resources

Biosphere Reserves

To preserve the genetic diversity in representative ecosystem

So far 13 Biosphere Reserve have been set up

  1. NandaDevi: Uttaranchal
  2. Nilgiris: Tamil Nadu Kerala, Karnataka
  3. Lokrek: Meghalaya
  4. Great Nicobar: Nicobar Island
  5. Gulf of Mannar: Tamil Nadu
  6. Manas: Assam
  7. Sunderbans: West Bengal
  8. Simlipal: Orissa
  9. Dibru Daikhowa: Assam
  10. Dehang Debang- Arunachal Pradesh
  11. Kanchenjunga: Sikkim
  12. Agasthyamalai: Kerala

Three of them are recognized on world network of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO Nilgiris, Sunderban, Gulf Of Mannar

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