Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Copper

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Mineral and Power Resources

Copper Ore

  • Mosabani and Rakha in Singhbhum district (Jharkhand) .
  • Rangpo (Sikkim) and Gharwal district (UP) .
  • Khetri Belt (Aravalli Range) in Jhunjhunu, the Kho Dariba near Alwar, Delwara and Debari of Udaipur and the sikar district of Rajasthan.
  • Agnigundala (Guntur) , A P
  • Malanjkhand (Balaghat) M P
  • MP (36 %) , Rajasthan (35.4 %) and Bihar (27 %) .
  • Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) incorporated in 1967 as a public sector enterprise, is the leading producer of primary copper in the country.
  • At present, it has four main units (1) Khetri copper complex in Rajasthan, (2) Indian Copper Complex in Jharkhand, (3) Malajhkhand Copper project in Madhya Pradesh and (4) Taloja Copper Project in Maharashtra.

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