Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Evolution

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Geological Time Scale with Reference to India - 4 Eras & 10 Periods Explained

Geological Evolution

  • PreCambrian (600 Million Years ago) : Archaean Gneissic and Granites. Igneous Activities, subsequent Metamorphism andfolding of the Arrival. Dharwarian Group (Bijawars) Igneous activities and intrusions.
  • Cambrian. Calcareous and Arenaceous deposits (Cuddapah and Vindhvanbasins) . Gondwana system (carboniferous) permacarboniferous glaciation and extensive glaciofluvial deposition.
  • MidMesozoic. Fracturing of Gondwanaland, further uplift of Vindhyan sediments formation of western ghats.
  • Cretaceous. Lava flow and formation of Deccan Trap.
  • Tertiary. Collision of the Indian plate with Eurasian plate leading to Himalayan orogeny.
  • Oligocene. Himadri (Greater Himalayas) Rajmahal Garo gap or the Malda gap and upheaval of IndoGanga divide (Potwar Plateau) .