Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Settlement

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Human Environment Settlement Transport Communication

Indian Settlements

Special Attributes of villages (1991) :

  1. Number of Villages (state wise in decreasing order) Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Bihar Orissa Maharashtra West Bengal Rajasthan
  2. Rural Population (State wise in decreasing order) Uttar Pradesh Bihar Madhya Pradesh West Bengal Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra Tamil Nadu
  3. Other places satisfying all the three under mentioned conditions:


  1. Population greater than 5000
  2. Having at least 75 % of the male working population engaged in nonagricultural pursuits
  3. The density of population exceeds 400 per square km. -All towns and urban agglomerations are grouped into six classes according to population size.

Urban Centers

  • Urban centres with less than one lakh is called a town
  • City Urban centres with population of more than one lakh.
  • Metropolitian Cities Cities accommodating population between one to five million
  • Mega Cities Cities with more than ten million population.
  • Urban Agglomeration An urban agglomeration may consists of:
  • A town and its adjoining outgrowth, Two or more contiguous turns with or without their outer growth
  • A city and one or more adjoining towns with their outgrowths together forming a contiguous pattern.
  • Conurbation: An Urban reason consisting of huge Metropolis and a number of small towns

Phases of Urbanization

  1. Period of slow Urbanisation 1901 - 1931
  2. Period of medium Urbanisation 1931 - 1961
  3. Period of rapid Urbanisation 1961 onwards

What is Urbanization? The term urban is referred to towns of cities having marked secondary and tertiary functions along with municipality or notified area committee.

Urbanization on the other hand a process of population increase in urban areas.