Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Vulcanicity

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5 Elements, 3 Process and 3 Boundaries With Illustrations

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Indian Vulcanicity

At present no active volcanoes except on the Barren Island (A/N Islands).

The geological evidences show 6 areas of vulcanicity:

  1. Dharwar Basalt traces found in Dalma (Bihar)

  2. Cuddapah Cuddapah, Bijapur and Gwalior area.

  3. Vindhyan Malani (Jodhpur), Kirana (Punjab)

  4. Palaeozoic Kashmir, N.Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

  5. Mesozoic Raj Mahal Hills (Jharkhand), Abor Hills (Arunachal Pradesh).

  6. Cretaceous Lava flow and formation of Deccan Trap