Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Vulcanicity

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5 Elements, 3 Process and 3 Boundaries with Illustrations

Indian Vulcanicity

At present no active volcanoes except on the Barren Island (A/N Islands) .

The geological evidences show 6 areas of vulcanicity:

  1. Dharwar Basalt traces found in Dalma (Bihar)
  2. Cuddapah Cuddapah, Bijapur and Gwalior area.
  3. Vindhyan Malani (Jodhpur) , Kirana (Punjab)
  4. Palaeozoic Kashmir, N. Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
  5. Mesozoic Raj Mahal Hills (Jharkhand) , Abor Hills (Arunachal Pradesh) .
  6. Cretaceous Lava flow and formation of Deccan Trap

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