Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Mica

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Indian Geography Mica


  • Leading supplier in the world, 4/ 5th producer.
  • A nonconductor of electricity.
  • Nothern fringe of Bihar Plateau: Kodarma, Giridih, Domchanch.
  • Bihar produces 57 % . Nuclear
  • Uranium: mined at Jaduguda (Bihar) .
  • ThoriumKerala (south of Quilon) also rich in Monazite, Ilmenite rutile, Sillimanite.
  • Uranium, the only atomic fuel used for the generation of nuclear power at present is available in India but deposits of Pitchblende (the principle source of Uranium) are poorer than those of Monazite (chief source of Thorium) .
  • Natural Thorium is not a fissile metal. It is first converted into Uranium 233. India has been able to convert Thorium into Uranium.
  • A factory for processing Monazite has been constructed at Alwaye in Kerala.