Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Peninsular Plateau

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  • General Elevation: 600-900m -fit remained above the sea level for a larger part of the geological history,

  • Aravalli Range: Oldest Relict Mountains Length 700km General elevation (400-600m) Reduced to the level of alluvial plains near Delhi and continues up to Haridwar under alluvium.

  • Widens southward Passes: Barr, Pipli Ghat, Dewair, and Desuri. Highest peak: Guru Shikhar (1,722m)

  • Hill station: Mt. Abu. Of Rajasthan Uplands: Drained by Banas 250-500 m high Ancient crystalline rocks of Madhya Bharat Pathar: Ancient Vindhyan sediments through which Chambal river has cut deep and wide valley and has formed Ravines and Badlands.

  • Bundelkhand Uplands: Old erosional surface Granitic and gneissic rocks of Malwa Plateau: Mostly of lava Rolling surface and flat topped hills

  • Vindhyan Scarpland and Ranges: Series of tablelands separated from each other by a prominent sand stone scarp. General elevation (300650m) Strong sandstones of the Kaimur, Rewa and the Bhander series are the principal scarp makers.

  • Satpura Range: Between Narmada and Tapti Extends through the Mahadeo Hills to the Maikal ranges

  • Mostly occupied by Deccan Trap Rises to 900-1000m. Peaks: Astamba Dongar (1325m) and Dhupgarh (13 50m) (it is the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh). Widens considerably in the central part (Mahadeo Hills in north and Gawaligarh Hills in south)

  • Maharashtra Plateau: Formed of plateau basalt Rolling plains with intervening shallow valleys,

  • Telangana Plateau: Unlike the Maharashtra plateau, which is made of Deccan basalt, the plateau of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are carried out of Archaean Gneissic Rocks.

  • Surface of the plateau is dotted with low hills and shallow depressions. In such a depression, the twin city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is located.

  • Karnataka Plateau: Northern portion drained by Krishna and its tributaries. Mysore Plateau loftiest and most well defined plateau in South Asia.

  • Physiographically Mysore Plateau can be divided into Malnad and Maidan. Malnad this comprises hilly Western Ghats with average elevation of 1000m. Dissected into valleys and covered with dense forests.