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3 Himalayan Rivers, 4 West & 4 East Flowing Peninsular Rivers

Rivers of India

  1. Indus: Rises Tibet, Near Mansarovar lake. Direction of flow West and Northwest and falls into Arabian Sea Drainage Area 11,65, 000 km2, India has a share of32,190 km2
  2. Jhelum: Rises Verinag at the foothills of Pirpanjal. Direction of flow Northwards from direction and meets Chambal near Sawai Madhopur.
  3. Son: Originates from the Amarkantak Plateau. It merges into Ganga as its right bank tributary near Ramnagar.
  4. Ramganga: It rises in the Kumaoun Himalayas. Enters the Ganga plain near Kalagarh. It joins the left bank of the Ganga near Kannauj.
  5. Sarda: It rises in the Eastern Himalayas and is known as Kali in Himalayas, the Sarda in Pilibhit and Kheri districts and Chauka before it joins the right bank of the Ghaghara near Bahramgaht. The Sarda runs along the IndoNepal boundary and leaves Himalayas at Brahmdeo.
  6. Ghaghara: Rises in Karnali, is of Himalayan origin and crosses the western part of the Nepal Himalayas and joins Ganga near Chapra (Bihar) as its left bank tributary. The Rapti joins Ghaghara՚s left bank at Barhaj.
  7. Gandak: Rises near China, Nepal boundary and enters Champaran (Bihar) and joins the left bank of the Ganga at Sonepur.
  8. Kosi: Rises in Nepal and joins the left bank of Ganga at Karagola near Bhagalpur. The rivers is notorious for shifting its course, leads to floods and hence known as the ‘Sorrow of Bihar’
  9. Damodar: Rises in the Palamu dist, in Chota Nagpur plateau (Jharkand) . It is better known as the ‘Sorrow of Bengal’ and joins the Bhagirathi, Hugly in West Bengal
  10. Brahmaputra: Tsangpo, runs to the South along the eastern blank of Namcha Barwa and crosses the Assam Himalayas, under the name of Dhiang and enters Assam valley and called Brahmaputra. Tributaries are Subanshi, Bharati, Manas on the right bank and Dibang, Luhit BariDihing, Dhansiri, Kapili on the left bank, Drainage area: 3,40, 000 km2 in India. In Bangladesh it is known as Meghna
  11. Cauvery: Rises Brahmagiri range of Western Ghats (Coorg dist.) (Karnataka) . Direction of flow: to Bay of Bengal (East, South East) ; It is called ‘Ganga Daksin’ . Tributaries: on left bank: Ilemavati and Shinusha, Arkavati. On right bank: Kabani, Bhavani and Amaravati. Drainage area: 87,900km2
  12. Krishna: Rises Near Mahabaleshwar, Western Ghats (Maharashtra) . Direction of flow: flows through Satara and Dangli districts of Maharashtra, northern Karnataka and southern Andhra Pradesh, Tributaries: Kaya, Malprabha, Ghatprabha, Bhima, Tungbhadra. Drainage Area: 2,51, 830km2
  13. Godawari: Rises inTrimbak plateau near Nasik (Maharashtra) and flows eastward in the gorge upto Nasik town. Direction of flow: It drains eastern and south eastern
  14. It is the longest river in Indian Peninsula. Tributaries left bank Darna, Penganga, Wardha, Wenganga, Indravati, Sabri, Pravara, Purna, Manpla, Maner, Pranhita. Right bank: Manjra.
  15. Mahanadi: Rises in Dandkaranaya and Southern part Chhattisgarh. Direct on of flow: after flowing northwards, it receives Sheonath in bank a little above Sheonarayan. Tributaries Sheonath, Hasdeo, Mand on left bank and Jank, Ung Tel on right bank. Drainage area: 1,41, 600km2
  16. Narmada: Rses in Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh. Drainage area: 98,786 km2 Tributaries: Burhner Tawa, Sher, Dudli, Shakkar, Hiran, Tedoni, Brrna, Anjal, Machak, Kundi, Joi, Karyan. The famous wasrfall ‘Dhuandhar’ is on Nirmada River near Jabalpur. The river forms an Estuary at the mouth of the sea.
  17. Tapti: Rses: in Multai (Betul dis) M P (Satpura Range) . Tributaries: Gomai, janjal, Arunavati. Left bank; Veghar, Girna, Puma, Pujhara. Drainage area 65,145m2
  18. Luni Rises in Annasagar in Ajmer cst. (RajasJfian) . Drainage are: 42,240km2 This river drains into Rann of Kutch. Tributaries Bandi, Sutri, and Jawai
  19. Sabarmati: Rises in JaiSamand lake in Udaipur dist, (Rajasthan) , Drainage area: 21,674km2 Tributaries Wakal, Harrow, Neshwa, Hathmati.
  20. Subarnrekha: Rises: Interposed between Ganga and Mahanadi. Drainage area 19500km2
  21. Mahi: Rises in Aravallis in Udaipur dist. Direction south southwest into the Gulf of Cambay
  22. Pennar: Rises in Kolar dist (Karnataka) . Direction flows through a gorge of Cuddappah and enters the sea near the city of Nellore.
  23. Ken: Rises in Vindhyas in M P Direction flow northwards to join Yamuna.